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Australian Animals Home Page - Introduction

                                                                                          Integrated Unit - Term 4, 2000

Introduction Unit Aims Instructions Assessment Session Topics

Australia is a unique and fascinating place. It is one of the seven continents of the world and is considered to be the largest island. The climate varies greatly throughout the country and because of this, there are several different habitats. Therefore, within a range of habitats, you would expect to find many different types of animals. 

There are more than one million different animal species in Australia. They live in every habitat, from the depths of the ocean to the mountain tops. Some spend their lives in the water, while others live on the land. All animals are able to move. They fly, walk, crawl, swim, hop and slither around. Some are so small that they can only be seen with a microscope, while others are larger than a truck.

This integrated unit of study will help us to gain a better understanding of our range of habitats and the unique animals that are native to Australia.

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 Aims of this Unit:  

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to do the following things:
  • locate and name the different states and territories, capital cities, rivers and oceans of Australia,
  • identify and describe the different habitats found throughout Australia,
  • identify and describe the different classifications of  native Australian animals,
  • accurately classify a range of native Australian animals,
  • describe the need for conservation and discuss the roles 'Care Groups' play in the protection of animals.

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 How to complete this Unit:
This unit of study has been designed to run together with specific classroom activities. Several tasks will be completed by working through the activities located on these web pages. You are able to work through them at your own pace, using the class time allocated. You may also visit the Resource Centre in your own time to continue your work. 

Below are the 'Session Topics'. They are links to other pages with information and activities on them. You need to complete each 'Session Topic' in order. Each web page contains some information to locate and read, as well as interesting activities to complete. It is most important to carefully read the information before commencing the activities.

Your teacher will let you know what to do when you have finished each activity. Sometimes you will print out work, other times you will email your activities. So remember, if you are having trouble or you are not sure what to do...ASK YOUR TEACHER!!

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Each Session Topic has activities you need to complete. You will either print these out or email them to your teacher. Once you receive your work back, you need to stick it into your Unit Book. 

As well as your online activities, you will need to complete a small research project. This will involve you finding out lots of information on 3 native Australian animals and presenting your findings in either a HyperStudio Stack or a PowerPoint Presentation. Click on the link below for more information:

* Australian Animals Research Project *

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 Session Topics:
Click on these links to take you to each Session Topic (Make sure you start at Session Topic 1)
Session Topic 1:
Australia - States, Territories and Capitals
Session Topic 2:
The Fabulous Habitats of Australia
Session Topic 3:
Marsupials, Monotremes and More...
Session Topic 4:
Endangered Animals - What Can You Do?

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