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Australian Animals Research Project  
Australian Animals And Their Habitats
* Research Project *
The Task:

This research project requires you to complete a brief study of 3 native Australian animals. The other activities in this unit will assist you in locating the information you need.

You may use either HyperStudio or PowerPoint to present your information under the following headings:

  • Name:
  • Description:
  • Habitat:
  • Location:
  • Family:
  • Friends:
  • Enemies:
  • Diet:
  • Is there any other interesting information about your animals?
You also need to produce:
  • a detailed picture of the animal living in its habitat.
  • a map showing where the animal may be found in Australia

Remember, this project must be brief, so be clear and accurate with your information. Do not write any more than necessary. Your project will be presented to the class.

Due Date: Friday 24 November

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