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Australian Animals - Session Topic 2
Session Topic 1

Session Topic 2:

The Varied Habitats 
of Australia

Session Topic 3

Australia is a very large mass of land. In fact, the area of the continent is larger than 7.5 million km2. It is almost 4000 km from the west coast to the east, and more than 3000 km from the south coast to the north. Being so large, it is also subject to a range of climates. This means that several different habitats exist throughout Australia, making homes for our native animals. The main habitats found within Australia are:
Deserts Mangroves Scrublands
Waterways Forests and Woodlands Seashore
Rainforests Heathlands Tropical Wetlands
Alpine Urban Areas

The following activities will help you learn about the different habitats found in Australia. By the end of this session you should be able to name them and describe some of their features. Make sure you carefully read all the information before each activity.

What you need to do...
* To complete this session, you need to work through each activity listed below.
  • Visit the web site, Australian Habitats. This site has lots of information about the different types of habitats found in Australia. PRINT out this file and keep it with your Unit Book as you may need it for other activities.
  • Read the "Australian Habitats" document and answer the questions at the bottom of the sheet. Carefully check your answers before handing in the sheet.
  • Using "ClarisWorks", open a new Painting document and draw a full page picture of one of the habitats described in "Australian Habitats". Make sure you use colour and you may like to add some animals. PRINT out your finished picture and SAVE it into the "Habitat Pictures" folder on the Junior School Server. Save it as your own name: Eg. Paul.
  • View the video, "Fern Gully" and write a critical review using "ClarisWorks". Your review should outline the plot and main characters, and include your thoughts: 
    • What did you most enjoy about the video? Why/Why not? 
    • Was there anything that you did not enjoy? Why/Why not? 
    • Who was your favourite character? Why? 
    • Would you recommend it to others? Why/Why not?
  • Continue to search the internet for "web sites" on Australian animals. Record in your Unit Book the URLs of any that you find.
  • Email your teacher when you have completed all of the above activities.

Checklist: Have you done these things: 
- Visited the "Australian Habitats" website and printed out the information? ...
- Answered the questions on bottom of the "Australian Habitats" sheet? ...
- Drawn a picture of an Australian habitat using ClarisWorks Painting? ...
- Watched and reviewed the video, "Fern Gully"? ...
- "Located" and "recorded" any URLs of Australian animal  web sites? ...

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