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Australian Animals - Session Topic 3
Session Topic 2

Session Topic 3:

Marsupials, Monotremes 
and More

Session Topic 4

As mentioned previously, Australia is fortunate to be home to more than one million (1,000,000) species of animals. To make it easier to study these animals, biologists have divided the animals into a number of different groups. In the same way we classify types of transport (Land, Water, Air and Space), we classify animals into 6 groups. They are:
Invertebrates Reptiles Fish
Birds Amphibians Mammals

This session of the unit will look at what these names mean and we will begin to classify animals into their groups. By the end of this session, you should know what the difference between each group is and be able to list some animals in each category. Make sure you carefully read all the information before each activity.

What you need to do...
* To complete this session, you need to work through each activity listed below.
  • Visit the "web site" for the categories listed above. If you click on any name it will take you to that site. PRINT out a copy of the site and paste it into your Unit Book when you have read it.
  • Locate and open the "Animal List" file on the Junior School Server. This file contains a list of Australian animals in no particular order. PRINT out this file and keep it with your Unit Book.
  • Once you have read the information on each of the categories above, you should be able to classify each animal. You can do this on a "ClarisWorks" Spreadsheet. A pre-made spreadsheet may also be found on the Junior School Server. Open the file "Animal Classification" and type each animal into it's appropriate category. SAVE your spreadsheet into the "Classification" folder on the Junior School Server.
  • Continue to search the internet for "web sites" on Australian animals. Record in your Unit Book the URL's of any that you find. 
  • Begin your "Research Project". By now you should have collected a few "web sites" with information about native Australian animals. Use the information you find at these sites to help compile your project. Revisit the Research Project link. It has plenty of helpful information. 
  • Email your teacher when you have completed all of the above activities.

Checklist: Have you done these things: 
- Visited the "Animal Categories" web sites and printed out the information? ...
- Printed out the "Animal List" from the Junior School Server? ...
- Completed the "Animal Classification" spreadsheet and saved it to the JS Server? ...
- Continued your internet search for native Australian animal sites? ...
- Begun your "Research Project"? ...

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