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Australian Animals - Session Topic 4
Session Topic 3

Session Topic 4:

Endangered Animals - 
What Can You Do?

Unit Evaluation

The sad and unfortunate fact is that some species of animals are struggling to survive for a number of reasons. In the past 200 years, people have cut down forests and cleared vast areas of land to grow crops or graze cattle and sheep. Great cities have also been built and rivers dammed to supply water and electricity. 

When this sort of activity happens, habitats are destroyed and the animals are forced to move on. Most animals, however, are adapted to live in certain habitats and cannot survive elsewhere. If too much of an animal's habitat is destroyed, their whole species may become extinct. 

Australia has lost 18 species of mammals, 3 species of bird, one reptile and an unknown number of insect in the past 200 years. What can be done to stop this? How can we protect our native Australian animals? By the end of this Session Topic you should have a better understanding of endangered animals and how we can help them. Make sure you carefully read all the information before each activity.

 What you need to do...
* To complete this session, you need to work through each activity listed below.
  • From your reading so far, WRITE a list of all the native Australian animals that are threatened by extinction. Also list the cause of the problem if you know it. You may complete this task with a partner and write you answers into your Unit Book.
  • Visit the following "links" to find out more information about the threats to our native Australian animals. Carefully read each of the pages. You may also like to PRINT a copy to keep in your Unit Book
  • Use "ClarisWorks", "HyperStudio" or "PowerPoint" to create an advertisement about the threats to our native animals. Your presentation should outline the causes of the problems and suggest possible solutions. If you use "HyperStudio" or "PowerPoint", your presentation must be no longer than 3 pages. This task is to be completed in your "Activity Groups".
  • Search the internet for information on animal "care groups". Start with the RSPCA web site. What other groups can you find? We will discuss the roles of different groups in class, so keep a record in your Unit Book of those you find.
  • Continue with your "Research Project". By now, you should be well underway. Keep working away on this as it will be due shortly.
  • Email your teacher when you have completed all of the above activities.

Checklist: Have you done these things: 
- Written a list of endangered Australian animals and the causes of the problems? ...
- Visited the links above and read the information on the threats to our native animals? ...
- Created an advertisement promoting the issue of endangered animals? ...
- Searched for and located web sites on animal "care groups"? ...
- Completed the "Endangered Animals" crossword? ...
- Made good progress with your "Research Project"? ...

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