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Session Topic 3

- Antarctica - 
End of Unit Test
Unit Evaluation

Antarctica is a fascinating place as you have seen by working through this unit. By now you should have completed all of the activities in the previous 2 Session Topics. If not, make sure you go back and do them as they will help you in completing this activity. 

What you need to do...
Answer ALL of the following questions in the boxes provided. When you have finished and checked your answers, press the "Send to Teacher" button at the bottom of the page. This will submit your answers via email.

The Questions:

Your Name:

Your Class:

What is the CLOSEST country to Antarctica? * Australia
* New Zealand
* Africa
* Chile (South America)

When was the continent of Antarctica discovered? * Was it the first, last, third or second continent to be discovered?

How much rain falls on Antarctica? * none * 200mm * 1,000mm * 10,000mm

How many seasons are there in Antarctica and what are they? * 4 - summer, autumn, winter, spring. * 2 - wet season and dry season. * 2 - winter and summer.

What is the name of the famous Australian who held expeditions to Antarctica in 1911-1914, 1929 and 1931? * Ernest Shackleton * Douglas Mawson * Roald Amundsen * Capt. R.F. Scott * Xavier Mertz

What is the largest Antarctic penguin which can weigh as much as 33 kgs (83 lbs) when fully grown? * Emperor Penguin * Adelie Penguin * Rock Hopper Penguin * King Penguin

What is a midge? * a tiny invertebrate (no backbone) * type of moss * type of penguin * type of bird

How many eggs does a female Emperor Penguin lay?

Who cares for the Emperor Penguin egg after it has been laid? * female Emperor Penguin * male Emperor Penguin

How many species of penguins are there?

What is another name for a penguin colony? * mob * rookery * group * community

What is the name of the whale that strains plankton from sea water with a bony sieve hanging from the roof of its mouth? * Killer Whale * Balleen Whale * Blue Whale * Free Willy

Checklist: Have you CHECKED your answers? 

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