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                                                               Integrated Unit - Term 2, 2000

Introduction Unit Aims Instructions Assessment Session Topics

Introduction: .
Antarctica is a very interesting place. It is fascinating to learn about a continent which is so cold and so beautiful. We will learn all about the explorers who discovered Antarctica and find out what their expeditions were like.  Some ended tragically and yet others achieved so much in such a hostile environment.

We will study in detail the variety of animals that live in Antarctica for part of the year and others that stay for the very cold winter. We will learn about the many types of penguins, whales, seals and bird life that inhabit this continent and how they have adapted to survive there.

We have some fantastic videos to watch on Antarctica. We will see: “Breaking the Ice” which was a series on the ABC. We will also see  “Two Below Zero” which talks about what it was like for a couple called Don and Margie McIntyre who lived in Antarctica for one year.  We will also see the video “The Last Husky”. This story traces the huskies that lived and worked in Antarctica and shows us where they were sent in the USA when the huskies were not allowed to remain in Antarctica.

At the end of the unit we have planned some interesting speakers to talk to us about Antarctica. Mr. Chandler (father of Peter in Year 6) has visited Antarctica about 13 times.  He has some fantastic slides and film of him living in an Emperor Penguin colony.  We will really enjoy his talk. Also Mr. Bob La Chal from the senior school will talk to us.  He worked in Antarctica and was in charge of the huskies for one year and he will tell us about his experiences.

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Aims of this Unit:  

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to do the following things:
  • be aware of the importance of Sir Douglas Mawson and his contributions to the exploration of Antarctica,
  • appreciate the delicate environment of Antarctica and compare the past and present,
  • identify animal and plant life on a frozen continent,
  • identify the requirements for shelter, food and clothing for people living in a cold climate,
  • explain how people control affect and manage the environment (signing of the 50 year "no mining treaty" for Antarctica),
  • note and compare shelter, food and clothing between Melbourne and a base on Antarctica.

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How to complete this Unit: .
This unit of study has been designed to run together with specific classroom activities. Several tasks will be completed by working through the activities located on these web pages. You are able to work through them at your own pace, using the class time allocated. You may also visit the Resource Centre in your own time to continue your work. 

Below are the 'Session Topics'. They are links to other pages with information and activities on them. You need to complete each 'Session Topic' in order. Each web page contains some information to locate and read, as well as interesting activities to complete. It is most important to carefully read the information before commencing the activities.

Your teacher will let you know what to do when you have finished each activity. Sometimes you will print out work, other times you will email your activities. So remember, if you are having trouble or you are not sure what to do...ASK YOUR TEACHER!!

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Each Session Topic has activities you need to complete. You will either print these out or email them to your teacher. Once you receive your work back, you need to paste it into your SOSE Book. 

As well as your online activities, you will need to complete a small assignment during the unit. This will involve you finding out lots of information on Antarctica and presenting your findings as a HyperStudio Stack. Click on the link below for more information:

At the end of the unit you will need to complete a simple test, so make sure you complete all activities very carefully.

* Antarctica Assignment *

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Session Topics:
Click on these links to take you to each Session Topic (Make sure you start at Session Topic 1)
Session Topic 1:
History and Geography
Session Topic 2:
Session Topic 3:
General Information
End of Unit Test:

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